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Let's change the world

We care about communities, the people who live in them AND the planet we live on.

Customers buy eco-friendly products through our partners’ stores replacing their usual products

Their products are delivered to the relevant partner on pre-set dates, for collection in person

Customers get to live a more sustainable life, knowing that they are supporting their community and our planet

How does this help?

We all understand that switching to eco-friendly products has obvious benefits for our environment and for the fight against climate change. But what other benefits are there?

All of our products are non-toxic, making them far healthier for your family than many traditional products.

Many of our products are designed to be reused instead of being disposed of, saving you money in the long term.

Our preset delivery dates are designed to reduce the environmental impact of our logistics department by cutting down the number of journeys needed.

And finally, customers’ orders provide our partners with financial support, helping us maintain their organisation and community as a whole.

Interested in becoming a community partner?

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